The One Billion Rising in Bangalore Feb. 19, 2013, 9:45 a.m.

The One Billion Rising in Bangalore

14 February is earmarked for lovers to hold hands and exchange red flowers. But the Valentine's Day of 2013 saw lovers making way for women and men rising up to claim women's right to public space and freedom from violence.

The One Billion Rising event in Bangalore saw women and men from across Karnataka gathered ready for a celebration to remember. While the event saw different women addressing the crowd about violence against women, including personal struggles, the highlight was in having women of various ages from the elite city background, to the rural background together dance as an expression of making public space their own.

Well ofcourse Aysha and I didn't just stand there and observe to take notes but had to join in! It was such a great feeling. Yes, a revolution should be a celebration! Or we may well all forget what we are fighting for!